Over 500 MySpace Codes, Layouts and Backgrounds Now Available

SpaceGravy.com (http://www.spacegravy.com/) has just added over 500 Backgrounds for MySpace (http://www.myspace.com/), Cool MySpace Codes, Free MySpace Layouts and MySpace Graphics this month alone.

Additionally, SpaceGravy.com says its My Space Layouts, MySpace Backgrounds and My Space Codes can be used at Xanga.com (http://www.xanga.com/) as well as at MySpace.

“In February, Google users (http://www.google.com/) searched for MySpace Xanga Layouts, which tells us people want to use MySpace designs at Xanga,” said Jennifer Lange, president and CEO, SpaceGravy.com.

“We tested our Premade MySpace Layouts and our Backgrounds for MySpace at Xanga.com and they work great. Xanga users simply need to read the instructions offered at Xanga.com in order to customize their pages using designs such as those offered at SpaceGravy.com.”

In addition to hundreds of My Space Layouts and My Space Backgrounds, SpaceGravy.com added dozens of MySpace Images, MySpace Pictures and MySpace Generators in February as well, including Mexicano and Latino MySpace Pics, St. Patrick’s Day MySpace Layout Codes, National Flags MySpace Glitter and a Create Your Own Hollywood Star MySpace Generator.

Visitors can check out the home page of SpaceGravy.com at http://www.spacegravy.com/ to find these updates, as well as a ton of other stuff for MySpace and Xanga.

About SpaceGravy
SpaceGravy.com (http://www.spacegravy.com/) is the Internet’s premier destination for Free MySpace Layouts, Backgrounds for MySpace, My Space Codes, MySpace Contact Tables, MySpace Graphics, MySpace Glitter, MySpace Generators and MySpace Animations. In addition to all types of designs, SpaceGravy offers MySpace users easy-to-follow instructions and tutorials to help people decorate their MySpace Page. The website offers important Internet Safety Tips to help people protect themselves against Internet Predators. SpaceGravy also offers links to websites that offer MySpace Music Video Codes, MySpace Surveys, MySpace Quizzes and all kinds of Stuff for MySpace.

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