AFL-CIO Calls For Resignation or Removal of Congressman Scott Perry

Reporting from the New York Times has uncovered Congressman Scott Perry’s “significant role” in the efforts to subvert and undermine our country’s democracy. The officers of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale and Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder made the following statements:

“Representative Scott Perry must resign or be removed from office immediately. He has been a mouthpiece for propaganda. For months, Scott Perry spread disinformation and conspiracy theories, stoking the flames of discord. His loyalty is with a would-be authoritarian and an extremist movement. Scott Perry didn’t blindly follow orders; his actions weren’t a response to incitement. He was an active leader in a conspiracy to commit sedition. He has forfeited the honor of serving this country,” stated Rick Bloomingdale.

“I am ashamed to live in Scott Perry’s district. He has never respected economic or social justice, and now we see he has zero respect for justice of any kind. His plot to invalidate our Commonwealth’s election results went beyond his objection on the House floor. He sought to behead the Department of Justice and install conspirators to keep a failed president in office. He needs to go. Now,” remarked Frank Snyder.

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