Alchemy World Charitable Foundation Launches, Focused on Improving Ethiopian Economy through Information Technology

Poverty alleviation through social entrepreneurship and focusing on Information Technology. This is the idea behind Alchemy World, a new Charitable Foundation based in Addis Ababa and Oxford. Launched today, the concept behind this Non Governmental Organization (NGO) is to try to alter the economic situation in the Ethiopia via Information Technology entrepreneurship.

By the development of an education to employment infrastructure Alchemy World will try to strengthen the economic self-sufficiency of the country. The goal of Alchemy World is to establish a thriving Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector in the country that will drive the nation’s exports in services and hi-tech goods to rival countries like India.

Within five years it is estimated that Alchemy World will have spawned around 400 new software development and technology companies, providing wealth through employment to an excess of 6000 young Ethiopian men and women. Providing our funding targets are achieved by 2014 export sales through this initiative will have reached $1.2Bn.

Tortora Brayda was born in Rome in 1969, from an Italian father and an Ethiopian mother. After his degree in the UK he founded Advanced Alchemy, the leading ICT sales development company covering the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. Tortora Brayda was awarded several UK Entrepreneurship awards, including a “Shell Livewire Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award” and others in 2000 and 2001. Advanced Alchemy client base includes IBM, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Sony and Nokia. These companies along with many others will be the key to the expected success of Alchemy World, the new charitable arm of Advanced Alchemy.

Through the distribution channels serving these global manufacturers, Ethiopian start ups will have immediate access to a worldwide sales network. From its office locations in Addis Ababa, Bahar Dar and Gondar, Alchemy World mentors will coach young entrepreneurs from poverty stricken rural areas in cutting edge business management and commercial strategies. Vice-President level personnel from the leading IT manufacturers have committed to volunteering as Alchemy World mentors. “Alchemy World will truly make an impact in the fortunes of Ethiopia. I’m happy to be part of this ambitious project”, said Mike Englander, Former Vice-President Sales of Indigo (now Hewlett Packard Indigo).

Alchemy World is a revolutionary non-governmental, non-profit organization fighting against the mechanics of poverty.

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