Ancient Maya Art and the 2012 Prophecies

With so much interest in the 2012 predictions the pre Columbian Mayans left behind and the many interpretations being voiced in everything from television documentaries, movies and videos one must ask, what is their real meaning? This guide will provide you with enough info to judge for yourself.

First, let’s consider

Even today, the main calendar the Mayans used is one of the most accurate on the planet.  It is 1/10,000 of a day more accurate than even the Gregorian calendar we presently use.

The civilization of the pre Columbian Mayans was and is one of the most advanced in relation to time-science knowledge.

Pre Columbian artifacts and ancient Maya art display vivid images and writing in bold colors.  Until recently their messages were considered undecipherable because only four Maya books survive today.  The rest were burnt by the Spanish conquistadors and priests during the conquest.  To them, the pre Columbian Maya symbols and their meanings seemed evil.  as luck would have it, today ancient Mayan art is used freely in Mexican style décor.

The Mayans used their calendar to describe time and then combined it with the development of consciousness in all of its aspects and how man passes through it.  Therefore, the Mayans meant for their prophesies to represent not just a clock but a specific time combined with a condition of the human state at that time.

We are now living in the “fifth sun” world.  Earth entered the fifth sun on August 13, 3113 B.C.E.  The four previous worlds were destroyed by natural disasters. The previous fourth sun was destroyed by a great flood and left only a few survivors.  The Mayans believe our ancestors were the surviving descendants of the fourth sun.

The 2012 prophesies were recorded in what is known as the Dresden Codex (one of the four surviving books of the Mayans) and a single monument in the Maya ruins of Tortuguero.  Following is what we believe the Maya are saying:

Incredibly the ancient Mayans were able to predict an astrological alignment that only occurs every 26,000 years. The Great Cycle of the pre Columbian Mayan Long Count Calendar (the fifth sun) ends on the winter solstice of December 21, 2012.  This date happens to coincide exactly with our Sun’s alignment with the intersection point of what modern astronomers call the Great Rift.  From our vantage point on Earth, this Great Rift is a band of dark dust clouds located near the center of our Milky Way galaxy.  The ancient Mayans were well aware of this Great Rift and even named it.  They knew it as Xibalba-be or “Black Road”.  According to the Mayans, this “Black Road” was the entrance to the underworld, a place of evil and misfortune.  

The Mayans believed that our sun, or Kinich-Ahau, every so often synchronizes with the center of our galaxy.  And, from this center receives a spark of light which causes the sun to shine more intensely, hence the reference to “solar flares” from those describing possible apocalyptic opinions.

According to the Mayans, this process allows our galaxy to “breathe” and is part of ongoing cycles that never change.  From these predictions stem the endless possible outcomes that are quoted on articles and television programs.  It is very probable that other Maya codices explained these predictions further, but unfortunately we will never know.  During the Spanish conquest of the Americas, one Bishop Diego de Landa, wrote, ‘These people used certain letters with which they wrote in their books about ancient subjects. We found many books written with these letters and since they held nothing that was not falsehood and the work of the evil one, we burned them all’.

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