Reduce My Blood Pressure

It is estimated that one third of the population has high blood pressure.  Very few even know it! Unfortunately their first indication is too often a heart attack or a stroke. This is why it is often referred to as the ‘Silent Killer.’ It is important that lower blood pressure becomes a focus for these people.

In spite of declining blood pressure in the 70’s and 80’s the trend seems to have peaked again with women actually showing an increase in hypertension studies over men.

Interestingly this trend seems to be following the high increase in obesity throughout the population.

Interestingly, it also coincides with the high consumption of sugar, particularly high fructose corn syrup consume triple times the amount of sugar that our bodies need for optimum health.

Think maybe this could have an effect on our health? 

Drugs are by far the common choice to reduce blood pressure and they do work.   However, The cost can be considerable! The side effects of using drugs to make blood pressure lower are extensive and in some cases dangerous. Studies have shown that calcium blockers can actually cause heart attacks!

Pharmaceutical studies has shown that, in the majority of cases, one prescription invariably, leads to an average of 4 or more drugs within 5 years. More drugs, more side effects!

  The healthy alternative to reduce blood pressure requires lifestyle changes such as:

> Getting active!

> Eliminating fast processed foods!

> Maintaining a reasonable weight.

>Get rid of excess stress (too much to do, in too little time)

A simple way to start to reduce blood pressure is for you and your family  to make the decision together to eliminate soda pop and fried foods.

If your inactive-Get Active. If your overweight- Lose It! If your diet is poor- improve it! If your stressed out learn to relax! Take the time to smell the roses.

Easy to say but obviously not easy to do. Give yourself a break and realize you do have the power to change your health.  Just take it one step at a time.

Today, people realize that there are natural alternatives to lower your blood pressure such as herbs, vitamins and antioxidants. Besides the numerous health benefits, using these natural supplements can take the pressure off making changes in your lifestyle which as we all know you can’t do ‘overnight’. 

Herbs such as garlic, hawthorn and bilberry are all proven to clear arteries and reduce blood pressure.  




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