Avatar – The Phenomenon Continues to Gain Stature so What Does Cameron Have Planned for us Next?

Right now everyone knows a great deal of the reputed headline numbers for the phenomenon that the James Cameron motion picture Avatar is becoming.  The flick began breaking records almost from the first day of release, with $27 million taken on its starting day and $77 by the conclusion of its starting weekend at the box office in the usa.   The flick did equally well globally, taking more than $20 million in France and Russia over the starting weekend.  Furthermore, it made more than $10 million in a number of other countries like Germany and the UK.

The movie did not stop there and following this outstanding start off it grew even larger with huge amounts obtained at box offices over the world.  Consequently, if you haven’t experienced the movie with the blue dudes in it yet you are apparently in the minority!

Avatar additionally did quite well when it comes to critical acclaim and award nominations.  The motion picture finished up getting 3 Academy Awards from the possible 9 it was nominated for – a notable haul – so it wasn’t only the general populace that valued the movie, but in addition the industry itself.

Unsurprisingly, in conjunction with anything that gathers this amount of hype there is a lot of merchandise around to enable avid fans to exhibit their allegiance towards the motion picture.  Matel, the toy leaders, were swift to unveil a range of Avatar Figurines which were introduced in December 2009.  As with the picture itself, the figures were built with a small spin themselves, utilizing an i-Tag specific to each one that let you do things in an on the internet world with it.  Never ones to neglect a marketing chance McDonald’s were additionally in on the act, releasing Avatar action figures within their Happy Meals.

With Avatar becoming history, what’s next?  As it happens, James Cameron never saw Avatar as being a one off, so there is talk of at least 2 sequels.

The initial sequel is beginning to achieve some media coverage, although it seems like both Cameron and producer Jon Landau will be occupied for a while overseeing the development of additional material to go with the different unique Blu-Ray editions of the film that are still to come.  At some point a 2-hour ‘making of’ will feature amongst other treats.  The standard Avatar movie was released on Blu-Ray on 22nd April, allowing you to get yet another fix before particulars of the sequels become more settled.

Both Cameron and Landau confess it should not be as challenging to create another Avatar, though Landau is cited as declaring ‘… we know that whatever movie he Cameron does is not going to be done in six months’ so I guess we’d better not get our hopes up too soon.  On a better note, there is no doubt the initial film still left a lot of scope for a thrilling follow-up.  So with any luck the wait is going to be worth it.

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