Build a Chicken Coop

Read on to learn how to build a chicken coop. I’ll start off with a quick intro on chicken coops. Chicken coops are used for shelter for the chickens and it give the hens a place to lay eggs. The chickens need a place for them to roam around and be free. You can either have the chickens enclosed in or they can be free range. If there are any predators nearby you may want to consider keeping it enclosed.

These are the instructions are chicken coops to build.

Depending on the number of chickens you want, the chicken coop size needs to accommodate that. With about 8 chickens, it will be a medium sized chicken coop. Keep these tips in mind when building a chicken coop.

-Have at about 4 to 5 sq. ft of space for each chicken.

-For every 5 chickens you have, allocate about 2 nests for each.

-It’s important to spare a 9” perch for your chickens.

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When making your chicken coop, keep these things in mind. Also make sure that the chicken coop is large enough that it provides storage. The door to the chicken coop needs to be wide enough and swing inwards. When it comes time to clean the chicken coop, you want to make sure that the door is large enough. You may want to consider putting a lock on it as well. The floor of the chicken coop should allow for shavings of up to 3 inches.

Good luck with your building a chicken coop adventure. If you have any questions, just go to the links in the article and contact me.

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