Wag Bags

I can understand that Fabio Capello does not want his England squad to be distracted during the 2010 World Cup and hence he banned the wives and girlfriends from attending. However, these days the “Wags” are as well known as their men and they do not report to Capello so many have defied his request and arrived in South Africa regardless.  Now, I am all for supporting the husband in everything he does…but using the amount of media coverage that both the team and their WAGs get someone needs to have a quiet word with them about representing their country!!

Firstly, it is beyond comprehension how some from the players complain that they’re bored?  They should be honoured having been chosen to play for their nation.  South Africa is really a stunning nation and whilst I appreciate that they cannot go sightseeing or on safari in between games.  But how about visiting some schools and having a game using the youngsters?  I lived and worked in southern Africa and you would usually see children playing football with an old ball or much more generally or not, a can.  That would fill the team’s time; be really rewarding and give the youngsters some thing to remember for the rest of their lives.  Even the official England supporters club has been visiting townships and playing friendly games using the locals…so why not the team?

I was appauled to see that the Wags were going to receive gifts, being given to some in the WAGs for attending a promotional cocktail evening.   “It would be disgusting for the WAGs to accept these gifts as millions of South Africans face dire poverty,” Ruth Tanner, campaigns director at charity War on Want, told The Daily Mail.  Here, here! I am not sure if the four WAGs did indeed attend the function but why not give the equivalent value to a local charity.   I commend Miss Tagoe and Miss Darby, who recently appeared in a BBC 3-television programme where they visited some of South Africa’s poorest neighbourhoods.   The WAGS enjoy their celebrity so it would not hurt to give something back and I for one will not be sending them a free of charge purse hook!

Author: Nicola Morris lives in Ador, Valencia, Spain.  Together with her husband, Tony, she is the owner of an on-line company offering a fantastic selection of purse hooks, bracelet purse hooks and folding purse hooks for that special gift or occasion. 

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