Charitable Shipping Program Launched

Recently, there have been quite a few international events, such as the earthquake in Haiti, that have been in the spotlight. These types of events seem to always need one thing: a way for companies and individuals, as well as charitable organizations, to ship items to locations that need it.

Especially large and bulky items. It is traditionally pretty costly to ship large, bulky items.

Charities need a way to find and coordinate the shipping of items either to their own location or to locations where help and supplies (such as medical supplies) are needed most. For example, what if you wanted to donate your car, truck, or van (or even another type of vehicle) to a charity, but your favorite charity is located somewhere else? Certainly you could look around yourself, do the research, perhaps even use Google to find a bunch of auto transport companies that do auto shipping. Then you would need to pay for the shipping costs.

Personally, I had this situation recently where I had a vehicle that I wasn’t particularly using. But, since I live here in Texas and grew up in Connecticut, I wanted to donate it to a charity that helped me out when I was growing up. So, I used to help me find the shipper that could ship it to the charity in Connecticut. But I digress.

Now, charities have a way to list their shipping needs. Many Transportation and Shipping Service Providers are willing to donate their services to deliver goods to people and communities in need. Unfortunately, in the past, there has traditionally been no central place for people who want to donate things to charitable organizations to meet up with the shipping providers and the organizations themselves. That’s where uShip comes in. Through this newly-launched uShip Charitable Shipping Program, uShip provides a way to help people and organizations in need of donated or low cost transportation services find Transportation Service Providers who are willing to donate all or part of their services.

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