Dave Pasternack Last Chance for Links

As Graywolf points out, there are about 3 weeks left for the Dave Pasternack SEO contest. So, you need to start deciding what to do with your Dave Pasternack pages that you might have created. You might consider redirecting them. And if you redirect them to Graywolf or me and one of us wins the Dave Pasternack contest then the money will go to charity.

Graywolf Talked about Dave Pasternack and offered some suggestions as to what to do:

First off I can tell that you’re concerned, playing with your name is a dangerous thing. How do I know you’re concerned you’re the only person in the company who has their name as a link in the footer on your company’s website…

He also mentions thing like creating more than one Dave Pasternack page on the and other issues that are definitely effecting the ranking of those pages. Looks like some of those changes might have been implemented and obviously someone is trying to do something good for Dave Pasternack’s rankings because the page is starting to show up in the top 10 of Google as I recall.

Anyhow, there’s more Dave Pasternack here if you’re interested.

I just noticed that geeks on steroids has a Dave Pasternack post but it doesn’t look like I can find it anywhere in Google at this point.

Good luck chef Dave Pasternack and way to link bait the other Dave Pasternack even if you don’t know how to rank a website you did get everyone talking about you.

By the way, it looks like Oilman is going to be the winner…too bad links from blogs still works, eh?

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