Details of the Funeral Order of Service Program

Preparing a funeral program Order of Service is fairly simple once you have the layout of the service or ceremony.
Normally, the clergy of the church will prepare the order of service for a member that may have passed away.
Reason being, the Pastor has dedicated people on hand to perform certain duties in the funeral service.

The industry standard order of service is provided in this article for funeral services in the united states.
The order of service can be lengthy and detailed that is why you should consult the Pastor or clergy for instructions.

The funeral program Order of Service is very easy to assemble as most family and friends are honored to be a part of the ceremony.
Some however, may not thrilled to be a part of a funeral so use discretion when selecting participants.

The Industry Standard Order of Service:

Organ Prelude: The music played by the organist or musician before the funeral service actually starts.
If there is no organist available you can change this line item to Musical Selection and list the name of the song or selection.

The Processional: the funeral directors, clergy and pastor will enter the funeral to start whats known as the processional.
Normally, the casket, funeral directors and clergy will proceed down the center aisle of the church or funeral home reading from the Old Testament.

Prayer: originally called the prayer of comfort is conducted by the pastor or minister attending the funeral.
If there are no ministers available you can appoint someone from the family to pray the introductory prayer.

Hymn of Comfort: usually selected from the church hymnal or you may provide a song or selection to be sung.
This song is generally sang by all who attend the funeral.

Scripture Reading: For Christian funeral the scripture readings are generally taken from the Old Testament & New Testament.

Selection or Musical Selection: at this point a musical selection or solo can be rendered to keep the flow of the service going.
Memorial services can certainly be difficult on the family however the music can certainly help in the healing process at that time.

Acknowledgments, Cards and Condolences: during this part of the order of service the cards are read aloud by an individual that can read quickly and proficiently.
At this point you can easily also acknowledge any special visitors or special staff that may have aided in their well being just before they died.

Obituary Reading: the official public reading of the obituary should be done by a close acquaintance. The obituary can also be read by the congregation silently while soft music is played.

Selection or Musical Selection: at this point a musical selection or solo may be rendered to preserve the flow of the ceremony going.
Music can assist in the restoration process of the family as the funeral service can be quite an ordeal to get through.

Eulogy: Normally the pastor performs the eulogy of the decease. In some instances where the decease was not a member of a church the eulogy was delivered by a relative or close friend.

Final Viewing: the funeral director in charge will then direct the family and funeral attendees to view the remains for one last time.
The final viewing can also be placed at the beginning of the service to relieve the family from a final viewing.
The notion is that the conclusion of the service ought to go smoothly and opening the casket may not be the best idea.
 Consistently, you should use some wisdom at this point of the service.

Benediction: At the conclusion of the program the officials close with a benediction prayer.
At this point the service is concluded and those who attended the funeral will prepare for the committal service.

Recessional: All clergy, family and friends leave the sanctuary while the congregation remains seated. The funeral directors will lead funeral attendees to the committal service.
The casket will be placed back into the hearse to be driven to the committal service.

The final resting place for the decease is the cemetery where the committal service will convene.

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