Everyday Money Saving Solutions

Wouldn’t it be lovely to get a little advice with your financial situation ? Here are a few simple solutions to try .

1. COUPONS – Don’t get caught thinking that coupons are only useful for food items Check on the internet , in the newspaper and in the mail and email boxes for money saving kroger coupons to use on your next purchase of any kind . You will even come accross numerous coupons that can make it easier to have fun or swing by the workout center , take your partner out for a night and get your pet groomed – all with coupons. Just plan ahead and keep them in a drawer or specific container.  Exchange with co workers, family, friends, and anyone else who you know saves coupons .

2. INCENTIVES – Many credit cards and other business places like restuarants offer incentive programs. Locate a few places that you like to shop on a regular basis and start earning things like gas, points and rewards, cash back, discounts, free items, air travel miles and much more . Keep up with the times, too. If your young one is grown, no need to use your Toys-R-Us Visa and get back certificates for toys any more . Call the bank and see which other programs they have, ask your friends which ones they use, surf the web for new and exciting promotions – and transfer.

3. ALTERNATIVES – Look for alternative solutions before you spend . Often there are generic packages of the items you want and you may want to consider home remedies and local pharmacists to ask for different options to expensive medications and treatments. Also many businesses will offer family deals like car insurance or family haircuts if you all get them dom at the same place .

4. ATTITUDE – Don’t think about on what you “don’t have.” Instead, concentrate on what you “do have.” Make lemonade out of those lemons; recycle what you can, reuse what you can, donate what you can . There is really no need to have new things all the time . Be content with what you do own now and make it work for you! Head to the library for free help in thousands of books that can show you tricks on how to get precisely what you want.

So look before you reach to grab your billfold. Take a breather , sip some tea and plan ahead with kroger coupons , incentive programs and alternative buying solutions. Make your money stretch just a little bit farther and give yourself a raise!

If your interested I just found a site that is offering $250 in Kroger coupons.  I suggest you take a peek and then start making coupon hunting a fun family game.  Maybe give a prize to the family member that saves the family the most.



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