How to Make the Dress Shirt Last

There is nothing more professionally looking dress shirts than a neat, crisp, clean white fabric on a professional businessman. It is uncommon to most professionals on how to take good care of their preferred custom dress shirts. Taking care of mens dress shirt is necessary, and correct washing and pressing techniques will make the dress shirts even more elegant. It is a must that both men and women know how to wash mens dress shirts effectively or any other type of garments.


The first step to do is to look for the stain before submerging the cloth in water. Soaking the shirt in water right away will make you hard to quickly see the the stain. As some of the stains will be less visible when soaked in water. The common location of the stain are on its collar, cuffs, and on the front part of the shirt.


Gently rub the stain stick on the stain location immediately. If you remove the stain quickly, it will be easier and has bigger chances for it to be removed. The longer the stain will be, the harder it is to be removed. Chances are, it will never be removed, it will just simply fade a little bit.


Set the washing machine to lukewarm and switch to a gentle cycle if dress shirt is to be washed. After that, gently lay dress shirts flat to dry, hang it to air dry or place in a tumble dry machine with no heat. In this way, the dress shirts will prevent from shrinking.


Use steam iron when pressing mens dress shirts. This will then give a crisp, finish and elegant look on the cloth, and the garment in general. The use of steam iron will help protect the fabric, and to prevent it from getting burned.

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