Ideas For Helping Your Friends Accept Your Same-Sex, Gay Partnership

Happiness is made for everybody. It makes no difference if you are gay or not. You are finally happy with your new relationship. This is why you should have the courage to be honest with your friends. If you are having a gay relationship and you are happy why not sharing this with your friends? If they really care for you they will be happy too. Real friends should support you.

Ask all your friends to meet you in the city. Tell them that you are gay and there will be no more secrets in your life. It’s a lot easier to tell them all at once than to have the same discussion with each of them. They will be surprised at first. Probably they will have a lot of questions for you. Take your time and answer to them. Now it’s the time to be completely honest.

They might need a few days to think. After that you will be able to see if they are real friends or not. If they care for you they will support you and be happy for you. Some people might ignore you after knowing the truth. Don’t be sad about this. They didn’t deserve to be your friends. You only need friends who care about you and accept you after you come out.

Tell your friends that you are gay when you are ready to do so. You don’t have to force yourself. Don’t put yourself a deadline for coming out of the closet. Try to relax as much as possible. It will not be an easy thing to do. This is a secret you had for many years. You need to have a lot of courage.

After they had enough time to accept that you are gay you can introduce your life partner to them. If they accepted you they will accept him also. Your friends can become his friends too. Make sure you let your friends know that you are the same person. Tell them that nothing will change.

Try not to change anything in the relation with your friends. Meet your friends as often as you used before. You used to meet them every Saturday night. You can bring your partner too but make sure they will not feel marginalized.

You are free to love and be loved. It’s not easy to find true love. You should take advantage of every good thing in your life. This is the best thing it could happen to anybody. You have to show your friends how happy you are.

Coming out of the closet might be a very difficult thing. It’s important to tell everybody about your gay relationship. To be able to have a happy relationship you need to do this. If you don’t dare you will end up losing your love and your friends.

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