We Reveal the Top 10 Sunless Tanning Myths

There are several city legends of sunless tanning. Should you have been in the business for a although there is no doubt that you’ve most likely heard all of them. Within the past some of these were accurate. Even though the business has grown and developed a lot more sophisticated techniques of making and implementing airbrush tans, these legends still linger. Since we continually hear these concerns from our customers, we thought we should break down and dispel the top ten most common myths.

Myth 10 – Getting a sunless tan protects the pores and skin from the solar exposure.
The theory behind this assertion is the fact that should you construct a base tan your pores and skin is less likely to burn up when exposed to the solar. Although this might or may not be accurate, a sunless tan is a cosmetic coloring with the skin, NOT a real tan. It’ll no more protect you from then solar, than should you sprayed on fragrance just before going the seaside. You would fry crispy. You should usually put on a great protective sunscreen when exposing your skin to Ultra violet rays.

Fable 9 – Sunless tans don’t last.
The reality is that all tans fade, regardless of whether it’s a sunless or conventional tan. Sunless tans final about seven days, but with correct care can final as long as ten nights. Conventional tans last only somewhat longer. The sunless tan will afford you the same tanned look with out the Ultra violet aspect results (i.e. peeling or broken skin, untimely getting older and cancer).

Myth 8 – The color I see instantly right after the program is the final color.
Many individuals waste answer by more than spraying their customers. They think the darker they spray the client, the deeper the tanning result. What they do not know is the fact that sunless solutions with bronzers really are a temporary colour included to help the technician with the application. It gives a pop of colour for the client to determine, but it’s not consultant with the ultimate result. The final colour depends upon what level of solution you employ and the way long the client left it on prior to getting moist.

Myth 7 – The ingredients in the answer are more dangerous than Uv publicity.
This simply not true. The Mayo Clinic (http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/sunless-tanning/SN00037) has cited that sunless tans are safer than traditional Ultra violet tans for that apparent factors (i.e. skin harm, untimely aging and cancer). Many of the exact same ingredients that are used in your shampoos, cosmetics, hairsprays and lotions are also used to make sunless answer. Should you are concerned about the composition of one’s answer, ask your supplier for a listing of elements. Decide what you need to stay away from, and make your purchase choice based on that.

Myth six – In order to get spray tanned you need to be bare.
This is simply not accurate. We call this the “shy factor” and many times it’s more on the component with the specialist than the consumer. Keep in thoughts that because the specialist you’re focusing around the specific physique part you are airbrushing not the entire physique. The awkwardness that you’re feeling will rapidly dissipate when you start the session. That being said, the vast vast majority of clients will put on an undergarment of some type (we recommend cotton).
It’s up to the person technician to create a coverage about their needs for clothes worn throughout the program. Make sure to inform your clients of this coverage when they make an appointment.

Fable 5 – Spraying on much more answer will give a deeper tan.
Your client’s skin will only soak up so much solution inside a solitary visit. More than spraying your customers won’t deepen their tan, however it will empty your solution bottle. Your better wager is to select the suitable level of DHA to match your client’s skin tone. In case your consumer wishes a deeper outcome attempt mixing a small quantity of a higher degree DHA in using the decrease degree. You will give them the depth they need, yet still look natural. You might also offer your customers a “double dip session”. That is when the consumer returns the next day for a 2nd airbrush application. Use a lighter shade in case your client plans on performing this.

Fable four – Spray tan answer can make you stinky.
Anyone who has gone to a spray tan sales space or has utilized self-tanners in the past might have experienced the starchy smell that DHA produces. At 1 time it was a extremely prominent smell that was tough to mask even with perfume or scented lotions. The sunless industry has made tremendous leaps using the development of spray tan options. Solutions are now produced having a host of pleasant fragrances and neutralizers that do not leave you smelling like an previous potato.

Myth 3 – Using any lotion will keep a sunless tan looking fresh.
As technicians we all know that the key to some lasting sunless tan is moisture maintenance. Nevertheless, in case your clients’ use a lotion containing petroleum or mineral oils or that contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) they’ll most certainly destroy their sunless tan. There are lotions on the market, like Sol Potion Lotion, which are created to complement a sunless tan. Encourage your clients to make use of these types of lotion. If they do, they’ll get the longevity out of their tans and offer you higher praise for your abilities and information.

Fable 2 – Pores and skin kind has absolutely nothing to complete using the sunless tan.
When a lady, who has oily skin, is searching to buy foundation, the makeup consultant isn’t heading to recommend an oil-based basis. This would only make her client’s scenario worse. The exact same concept pertains to oily skin and PH balance with sunless tans. There really are a host of various factors that may affect a woman’s PH balance (i.e. medications, meals, menstruation, and so on). When a consumer has oily skin or their PH is out of stability it might be tough for the sunless tan to totally create. Should you possess a consumer that has this scenario, have them shower with normal bar soap no more than three hrs before their program. This will maintain the oil at bay.

Fable 1 – Spray tanning turns you orange.
Spray tanning will not turn your customers orange. Why won’t this urban legend die? 1 only needs to look at photographs of Snooki and Lindsey Lohan, or observe the famous episode of “Friends” exactly where Ross turns himself orange in a sprig sales space. Even worse, you get a glimpse of the poor gal you pass on the street that looks like she drank 3 gallons of carrot juice. It is not the answer that created the orange, it’s the technician. These are traditional instances where a specialist has utilized way too dark a colour on their client or has utilized several coats of answer inside a solitary program. As technicians, it is our work to make our clients appear natural. Clarify to your consumer that just since you can spray them having a dark colour does not imply they will obtain the outcome they’re searching for. If you go for the lighter shade, your clients will not be orange.

While there are a number of more insane myths that we could tackle they’re the best with the greatest. If you have a fable you want us to dispel let us know. We’ll keep you posted on new myths and the true answers.

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