Mini Mates are a hit with kids

Marvel Minimates have become more and more popular with children and collectors over the years.

There’s no denying that Diamond pick out and Art Asylum’s  toys have been a monumental hit. The two-inch figures, which often feature more than a dozen points of articulatio, have been all the rage since there introduction several years ago. Like Kubrick’s miniatures, these bite-size figures are a perfect fit for a crowded desk. Forget those ugly troll dolls, Minimates are the “in” toy for the part.

Recently IGN’s San Francisco office was invaded by the latest Marvel Minimates (Waves 10 & 11). The tiny figures passed the test of being just as undestroyable, posable and adorable as their predecessors.

Minimate prices can vary by up to $3 depending on where you shop, but ask you,, on average, to pay $8 for each pair. Here’s the effected list of the new figures, which you can find in stores soon.

After you decide the characters you choose the City or layout for your child to play in. So Lego and Marvel came out with Diroma Playsets.

The first substance you need to decide when fashioning a diorama/playset for your Marvel MiniMates is what type of environment do you want to create?

I chose an urban setting since it worked well with the characters I wanted to display. After you’ve chosen the setting, move onto size and layout. The eagre thing about using an Imaginext playset as a base is that it’s modular, which means you can make, and thus test out, several different layouts before begin your project.

I had certain station requirements to work inside when I made this display for the San Diego Comic-Con, and that dictated what the overall undertaking would look like.

The next decision to make is what type of “accessories” do you want in your purview. Working lights? motored objects? hypothesis doors? There are a variety of things that can be done to any diorama or playset that start out a little more life to it.

Marvel has now came out with Zombies, Hulk and other characters sure to become a hit for everyone. marvel mini mate toyswill be here for years to come.



Ron Carter

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