Popular Mistakes Made When Creating A Funeral Program

When making a memorial funeral program you actually would prefer all the actual information to be correct and also detailed as possible. Often the hard copy or public copy of the program preferably should be mistake free as well as have basically no errors. In order to achieve this you should know the common mistakes that you should look for when preparing the layout.

The spelling of the names that appear is first and the most obvious. It’s is an official document that should be correct. Make phone calls when possible to make sure of the spelling of names. The city and state names should be spelled out correctly. There are many United States cities with funny spelling; you may want to Google the spelling of the city and state. Open Internet Explorer to Google.com and typethe City and State names for correct spelling. The city and state for each listing in the United States will be spelled correctly.

Next, whenever possible try to avoid using numerical numbers. Numerical numbers are extremely easy to transpose in sequence. The date of birth and the date of demise should be spelled out instead of using numerical numbers. In the obituary section spell out the numbers using alpha characters instead of typing in the digit. This will allow the spell checker to pick up any errors if you type the obituary in a word processor ie: Microsoft Word.

Third, don’t over write the obituary with information that may not be important or suitable. When preparing the obituary it is a good idea to use the chronological sequence which helps keep the entire story in order. For instance, start with birth, then childhood, proceed with schooling and then young adult life. If the decease got married mention the union as early as possible so that recognition of the spouse will not be forgotten. To avoid a very common mistake, mention of the spouse should appear in the body of the obituary and not just the surviving members area. Marriage has a spiritual connection to both individuals and recognition can make the difference in the healing process.

Continue with the adult and professional life along with any official memberships or training. All information submitted for the obituary should be verified before inclusion as the obituary is an official record. Fifty years from now when this obituary is read the information in it will be credible. 

Finally, avoid from proof reading the obituary by your self. Continuously use two sets of eyes when proofreading the facts. When proofreading each person should follow along to ward off any errors in the obituary program. Print out two copies of the entire publication, have one person read it and two people proof it. Any errors should get caught with two sets of eyes on it. Correct the mistakes as you proofread to prevent from forgetting to correct the error to begin with.

After many years of printing in the funeral sector for funeral homes, these are popular mistakes made on funeral programs. It takes a devoted person to see this project through to the end. Now that you know some of the things to look for be sure to look even deeper as the errors will be right in front of your eye balls.

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