mother`s review

When our son was about to turn 16, my husband and I started discussing about buying his first car.  We agreed that it`s a noses to get him a new one, especially with teenagers’ tendency to wreck almost anything. We started looking online for good prices. A week later, we had a list and started to make offers.
The best choice seemed a used Ford Focus. The pictures showed a decent, cared for car. The man selling it bought it two years ago as his daughter`s first car. It seemed perfect for him. Not too much power and came with a decent mpg rating.
The seller was in the real-estate business and suggested us to use for the transaction. Since my husband is working two jobs and I always seem to have my hands full when I come back from work, we went for it. As any other sound buyer would do, we checked at first for any reviews but we could not find anything bad about the service. The site looked friendly and secure. We sent some email inquiries to them and I was pleasantly surprised to receive a personalized response.
We opened the transaction and a day later we received the payment invoice and the vehicle report. The car hadn`t been wrecked and the title was clear. A few days later, it was delivered. It had some scratches that you couldn`t see in the pictures, but the man selling it agreed to pay for the repair invoice before we released the money.
Overall, it was a good shopping experience, especially since neither my husband nor I had the spare time to look for a car the old fashion way.

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