Restore the Recycle Bin

Have you lost or  accidentally deleted the recycle bin? Well don’t feel  bad , this is actually  very   common amongst  Windows users. It will generally  happen  while    performing   a desktop cleanup  and you accidentally delete that recycle bin icon. It can happen anytime , but sometimes it will  vanish   all by itself.

 Fortunately   there is a solution  to undelete your recycle bin, and we will outline the steps  briefly . If you need to recover files deleted from the recycle bin, this is more complex,  but it can be done, read on to learn more  . 

 Our first recommendation   is that you use some kind of data recovery software. Data recovery software  can provide you with the ability to  restore   lost files, photos, data, videos and much more. You can also recover data from different  drives, both internal and external. If you are stressing  about lost data, don’t worry, in most cases it is fully retrievable. You can run a free scan from the site linked at the bottom of this article and instantly see what kind of data you can retrieve .  In most situations   you can also retrieve data deleted from the recycle bin and you can recover the recycle bin too.

If you just need  to  restore   the recycle bin back to your desktop, here is a quick solution , no software necessary .

Recover  the Recycle Bin

  1. Right click on the desktop and select “Personalize” (Vista,Windows 7) or “Properties”
  2. Click on “Change Desktop Icons” (Vista, Windows 7) or the Desktop tab -> Customize desktop for other users
  3. Click on “Recycle Bin (full)” and then “Restore Default”. Do the same for “Recycle Bin (empty)”
  4. The recycle bin should now be back on the desktop

Check  the following site for more tips on Recycle Bin recovery or data recovery software free scans.

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