Actualities You Will Encounter After DUI

What is a DUI?

– D.U.I. stands for Driving Under the Influence, it is defined as the act of operating a motor vehicle or any means of transportation after consuming alcohol beverages or other intoxicating substance that could alteration a driver’s mind and ability to drive.

– Drunken driving statistics show, DUI has become an upsetting crime nowadays because of the fact that it has exceedingly increased to an alarming number of cases. You don’t want that to happen to you, otherwise you will suffer the consequences that will utterly affect your life, your occupation status, and most especially your independence .   

– Once find guilty , you have to do your part and do what your lawyer ask or tell you so that you will not have DUI on your record. You should have known that DUI record is not just a uncomplicated problem you will encounter. 

 – Accidents and fatality cases attributed to DUI reveal how gruesome this crime has become. It leads people’s curiosity when is a DUI a felony? Felony refers to any criminal infringement punishable by imprisonment or even death.

When is a DUI a Felony?

– DUI is considered a felony when it causes accidents such as heavy injuries, fatalities, and extreme damage of properties. If you drive under the influence, it can expand to a serious crime and can possibly charge you of committing felony.

– In some states, the seriousness of the issue is interpreted into consideration to charge the DUI crime as a felony. In some cases the numbers of condemnations are taken into consideration to determine if it is a felony. For some states, second conviction for DUI in a stipulated time period is considered to be a felony. On the other hand, some states consider fourth conviction as a felony.

Can my lawyer carry plea bargain in DUI cases?

It is important that you must understand whether your local attorney can get you a plea or not. If he could, then you must be lucky because this might take away the DUI case off your record.

However, due to latest law implementation, local lawyers fall to negotiate plea bargains in DUI cases especially if the evidence of your DUI offense is strong and bouncy. In fact, most of the state laws prohibit attorneys from entering into plea bargains with DUI defendants. But in rare cases, a DUI charge may be reduced to a minor offense such as reckless driving.

Have Your DUI Lawyer Through out Due Process

It is your DUI defense lawyer who should be the first individual to come in mind once in remission by authorities. Even if it is just a simple DUI arrest, you will need the service of a lawyer so critically. Having a lawyer is indispensible to ensure that you will be taken cared of appropriately in the whole process of investigation court trial.


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