Some Facts About Devon and Wiltshire

In England, one of the earliest parts to be inhabited after the conclusion of the last ice age was Devon. It is believed that the original inhabitants of Dartmoor were primitive cavemen millennia ago. For a period of two hundred and fifty years, the Romans ruled the territory by subjecting it to being occupied by military forces. Down the road, the area became a frontier between Brythonic Dummonia and Anglo-Saxon Wessex, and it was mostly absorbed into Wessex by the middle of the 9th century.

Historically, Devon has been the seat of a whole lot of civil unrest in England such as the Norman Conquest, War of the Roses, Perkin Warbeck’s Rising in 1497, The Prayer Book rebellon of 1549 and the English Civil war, to name a few. In Brixham in the mid 17th century, the advent of William of Orange started the memorable war.

Devon is a producer of tin,copper and other metals from ancient times, its miners enjoyed a lot of independence through Devon’s Stannary Parliament from 12th century, the last recorded sitting of this parliament was in 1748.

Wiltshire‘s natural beauty and cultural diversity have led it to be known as “The gateway to the West Country.” Wiltshire has almost 430 thousand residents, and is considered an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it’s the right place to relax no matter the season. To enjoy the real flavor of country life,walk the White Horse trail,see our eight white horses carved into the hillside,meander along the towpath of the Kennet and Avon Canal, leisurely wander through our market towns or admire the beauty of our gardens.

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