Sample Job Interview Questions

There is a small number  of general job interview questions that you can be asked in any interview situation. The majority of such job interview questions (and in some cases the answers ) can be found  for free on the web . Note , you need to look beyond the actual job interview question and understand  what the real question being asked is and more significantly what answer is expected by the interviewer.

Interviews these days zone in on a category named “behavioral interview questions”. Again, you will find many  of these questions freely available on the internet but not always an analysis of what is being really asked . Some examples of such job interview questions are:

How do you deal with failure ?

So what is the job interviewer really asking in this question? They do not really care too much what the failure was (or possibly was). What they want to know was a) how was it dealt with and b) what was learned from it? They will want to know if you had the purpose  of character to continue  in light of a perceived disappointment . Remember, firms want next generation  leaders and they take the recruiting very seriously.

What happens when someone disagrees with you ?

The interviewer really wants to learn more about your negotiation skills. Do you become dissatisfied when an employee, colleague or manager  simply disagrees with you for no apparent reason? In reality, you will not agree with everyone and colleagues will not always agree with you. You will need todemonstrate in your answer to the interviewer that you are a good listener  and can take on board many  points of view to reach the best  compromise for the good of the business.

Although there are free  job interview questions and sample answers available on the internet, you should expend your time  into looking for detailed analysis of such questions and expected answers.

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