How To Remember Past Lives

More people in the world today believe in reincarnation than don’t. For some, like the Hindus and Buddhists, it is part of their religion. For others, it just makes more sense to them. Still others may just be curious. Many of these people attempt to find out about their past lives, either through curiosity or maybe they are looking for an answer to something unexplainable that plagues them in this life. If you’ve ever been curious about past lives, there are many ways to begin your exploration.

Keep a Journal

 Did you know that keeping a journal is one of the best ways to begin exploring your past lives? Even recording trivial experiences along with the rest of your experiences can be very helpful. Since your emotional reactions provide you with the strongest clues when considering past lives, you should include your emotional reactions to events in your journal. This will be a record that you can refer to later, when assembling all your clues.

You can look for such clues in your present daily life. You can make lists of things that you may like and dislike, which may include anything from your childhood, foods, fashions, architecture, the climates, various cultures and historical periods. You may also consider including other things that come to mind, such as how you feel and what you think about your natural talents and gifts, fears or phobias, characteristics of your personality, birthmarks and scars as well as animals, occupations and those times you may experience dj vu.

Since dream time may include various hints and symbols concerning past lives, you should also record your dreams. Keep in mind that these symbols can be very clear, while they may also combine experiences or messages concerning this life or a past life. Upon falling asleep, you can make suggestions about what you would like to learn about from a past life and then write everything you can remember in your journal.

 Past Life Regression Therapy Visiting a professional past life regression therapist can be beneficial, since they are trained and certified to guide you through a regression and then help you to interpret the information that may come through. The International Association of Past Life Therapists and the International Association for Regression and Research and Therapies both train and certify professional therapists. There may be a local area to find a therapist in your geographical location. Meditation

You can explore your past lives while using the various methods of meditation. Meditation is a very private means of finding out more about your past lives. Although, many individuals may have a hard time trusting any incoming information, you should do your best to trust your instincts and feelings.

At times meditation may seem like daydreaming, when the images are coming to you and then leaving again, however, you may come across some very important information. You should write these down to ponder over later. Since our minds are so very suggestible, it can retrieve the information you ask it too. Keep in mind that if you tell yourself that you cannot do it, you will not be able to do so, because of the negative thought you have planted.

Some individuals find that having a visual or audio stimulus, such as the flame of a candle or a sound is useful for meditation. You may be interested in using a pre-recorded guided meditation session from your therapist or listening to music or specific sounds such a Tibetan bells or the repeated sound of “om”.

 There have also been great advances recently in audio technology with a process called binaural beats. Here sound waves of slightly different frequencies are played in each ear which has the result of instantly relaxing you to a state only normally achieved by Zen monks who have practiced meditation for years! However, no matter which technique you may find useful for meditation purposes, you should always be in an area that offers no disturbances and that is peaceful.

Before meditation, you should be in a receptive and positive state of mind and either lie down or sit in a comfortable position. Quiet your mind, while focusing on the relaxation of your muscles. If you experience any unwanted thoughts, simply acknowledge then and then let them flow away. This does take a bit of practice. You should not expect anything but to become relaxed, while focusing on your heart. If you have questions, simply ask them and then let them go. Rest assured that more than likely, the answers will come when you least expect them.

No matter you beliefs in reincarnation, it is essential to know that you will receive images that will be helpful to you for resolving some matter in your life. You may not always receive images that are from a precious life, however, many individuals do receive enough information to begin researching and verifying events, places and even names. Some individuals find that the people they love in this life were there with them in a previous life, although their relationship may vary. For instance a mother may have been a sister or even a wife in a previous lifetime.

Whether or not you believe in reincarnation and past lives, many individuals find that they do receive interesting and helpful information when they try regression, no matter what they may have believed to begin with.

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