Baptism Outfits for Boys

It is not obvious what options are available to dress your baby boy for his baptism or christening day.The baptism or christening outfit will become one of the main key parts of the baptism and will be remembered by family and friends and in photographs for years and years to come.

Tip – Do not just assume that your local Church will perform a baptism or Christening, speak to them first, they will  probably be able to advise on alternate venues.

Not only do you want your boys Baptism outfit to look nice it should also be comfortable and most importantly keep your baby either warm or cool enough for the time of the year so sleeve length and material type need to be consideration.

Tip – Try to keep your baby boy warm enough and comfortable before and during the Baptism or Christening, this should hopefully keep him calmer and quieter during the ceremony.

The baptism outfit is a difficult choice and even harder when you are baptizing a boy. Sometimes the father does not want their son to wear Baptism or Christening clothing that is gives the appearance of their son wearing a dress, this is fairly common. In the past the Christening or Baptism gown was made my a member of the babies family, normally the mother.

Nowadays there are specific Baptism outfits for boys, girls and unisex styles. Many people decide that a unisex style is a good choice as it can be used for future baptisms and can be past down to future family generations, and if the style matches a traditional antique gown it can be called an heirloom gown.

Tip – It is probably worth spending a little more money on an heirloom gown as it should last the test of time.

Today many suppliers offer custom baptism or christening clothing, the choice of options is astounding and can include color variants, embroidered names or symbols of faith.

Tip – To ensure that any customised Baptism clothing is delivered well before the big day order well in advance.

If you do not want your baby boy baptized or christened in a traditional gown are there any other options available ? There are a couple of other types of Baptism and Christening  outfits, these are a baby boy suit and a convertible Baptism  romper suit. The baby suit as the name suggests is a very small suit that is made from one to five pieces. The look of a  convertible gown is very similar to a traditional gown, until it converts then is resembles a normal romper suit. A vast choice of romper suits and convertibles exists.

Budget should be and probably be in most cases a consideration, you don’t really need to spend a fortune in when buying baptism clothing, and there is certainly nothing inappropriate in buying or borrowing second hand baptism outfits. To be perfectly honest who will ever know ?

Tip – Double check that your arrangements are still okay with the Church and party venue.

lastly to conclude, the baptism clothing must be comfortable and both parents should be pleased with the type of baptism outfit that you have selected.

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