Sharon Bialek Accuses Herman Cain

Today, a woman named Sharon Bialek came forward and formally accused Hermain Cain of harassment.

This is not the first time that Herman Cain has been accused of doing something wrong, there have been three other women that have come forward and accused Mr. Cain of wrong doing. Herman Cain is a candidate for the 2012 Presidential GOP nomination. He is running for President. I have to admit that having several women come forward and accuse you of doing something wrong is not going to make Mr. Herman Cain look very good. In fact, I personally am not very fond of all of these issues that arise that are simploy not political in nature. I would rather see the news media report on issues related to someone’s views and how they what they will do when they are elected President of the United States than have the news media be so engulfed in issues related to Political Candidates’ wrong doings in previous years.

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