Google Displaying Drug Rehab Ads on Whitney Houston Blog Posts

Google is displaying drug rehab related advertisements on blog posts worldwide that detail information about Whitney Houston’s untimely death. I am not quite sure how Google’s automated contextual advertisement system called Google AdSense is correlating Whitney Houston with drug rehab and drug rehab centers, but with less than 24 hours after Whitney Houston’s untimely death, it feels a bit inappropriate to say the least.

Take a look at the screen capture below, Google AdSense is clearly running drug rehab advertisements on a Whitney Houston blog post:

I was browsing a few websites and captured a Google AdSense ad on a blog post that is displaying these untimely and inappropriate ads. Apparently Google knows more about Whitney Houston’s death and the official Whitney Houston cause of death than anyone else.

Let’s take a look at yet another random Whitney Houston blog post, this time with a photo of Whitney Houston and details surrounding the situation:

Really, Google, you say that you “do no evil”, but in this case, this is just not appropriate to be running drug-related and drug rehab advertisements along with content related to Whitney Houston.

What do you think? Is this appropriate?

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