Some Simple Mistakes that Marketers make on Twitter

Twitter, over the years, has turned out to be one of the most widely used tools to get the word out about your products, updates about your company, etc. It’s a very effective tool to make yourself recognizable to your targeted prospects and to build a following. People who join Twitter are seeking a wide variety of ideas, information and solutions. By leveraging some of these people to your own site, you can open up a flow of targeted traffic. Twitter gives you the chance to create a following of people who look forward to your messages because they contain helpful content. So your first strategy is to be as helpful as you can. But if you use Twitter the wrong way, you might end up hurting your business more than gaining from it. Read about some Twitter mistakes that are often made and be sure to avoid them.

But before we cover the general advice, I’d like to make another point regarding using any of  these social platforms for commercial purpose.   The likes of Twitter are not know to be keen on commercial activity outside their own revenue generating schemes, if you use Twitter to market across several profiles learn about anonymous surfing, and how you can use something like a US or UK Proxy to protect your IP address when your posting to avoid getting blocked. 

If you’re just starting out with Twitter, don’t make the mistake of starting the marketing process right away. This is something that applies to everyone, though, newbie and experienced alike. Developing solid and mutually beneficial relationships is the strategy for success with Twitter. When you do this you’re helping people to trust you, and you’re also exposing yourself to them. Once you’ve done this than it’s the time to begin marketing with them. It is this time when you can start to drive traffic and build your email list or any sort of marketing. But at bottom your followers are human and they want to have fun, too. Your followers saw something about you they liked for example your posts, etc. The biggest hurdle, maybe, is identifying what a market wants, and when you do that you’ll provide it and make money. Balance your tweets between the commercial and the non-commercial ones.

For your followers, avoid giving direct links to them. The process involves offering content and good info about your product or service, then you start giving out links. It seems that posts that are more targeted and narrow within a niche tend to produce better traffic results. Do avoid using the standard direct response/marketing approach because it decreases interest. This is why you need to be extremely careful when bringing up any topic about a product/service.

When you’re marketing on Twitter, it’s important to use proper language. It really is possible to hurt your reputation and chances with bad language. It’s fine to be informal when posting but never use vulgar language especially when tweeting. Overall – not a good thing to do because it offends too many people. If you curse, just try to avoid it and be cordial and friendly with people. So try to make a good impression on people with what you say and how you act. This will also give out a positive impression to your followers and ultimately help them trust you.

It’ll take a little practice and patience because it takes time to do this right. You’ll have your mistakes, but then so does everyone else. While these are not terribly huge mistakes, if you make them it will be felt – so try to avoid them. Securing your online reputation is important, especially when you’re marketing on a social site like Twitter. Just keep learning from your mistakes, and don’t repeat them often.

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