Statement from the President of Honduras on Drug Trafficking

President of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández

The President of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, introduced to the National Congress a reform to toughen laws against maras and gangs, reaffirming his commitment to continue the fight against transnational crime until the last day of his government “I do not know any other way to live but to fight against evil”.

Hernandez spoke before the country´s legislature and if asked about The documents filled from the US prosecutors suggesting that the president was under investigation, he voiced that a individual in collusion with drug trafficking wouldn’t have accepted the extradition of alleged drug dealers or the purging of the National Police, talking about this and other steps against transnational crime in Honduras.

The president remarked that the drug lords found the magic trick to go by surrendering, negotiating and accusing the Honduras officials who captured, extradited and put them behind bars.”

He also said that he is hopeful that”the next government will Continue the battle against transnational crime, such as the peace and tranquility of Hondurans, and also be willing to build on which Honduras has attained, since then the nation can definitely win the war against criminals, gangs and drug trafficking”.

Since Juan Orlando Hernández presided over the National Congress, the bases to resist against drug trafficking began to be laid.

President Hernández pointed out it is essential to remind the nation how things were a decade ago and how Honduras was about to become a failed state. “Less than fifteen Years Back, that the US embassy in Honduras Said that the government at that time was closely linked to organized crime that close collaboration between the forces of order was hopeless,” said the president.

In addition, he said that medication Cartels and gangs operated with impunity, and when they went to prison, it did not matter since they controlled the prison system.

Hernández also remembered that less than ten years ago Honduras had the maximum homicide rate in the entire world and extradition did not exist, because it wasn’t allowed by the Constitution.

“The National Police was penetrated by organized crime, to such a degree which, based on confessed drug traffickers, they correlated with senior police officers to assassinate the head of the anti-drug unit,” he said.

Hernández confirmed the situation in 2010, when he assumed the presidency of the National Congress, was difficult. However, the legislature passed a string of eight security laws that were despised and feared by drug traffickers.

He worried That laws were passed to confiscate the assets of organized crime, making it clear that the constraint of the confiscation of resources would be in the hands of the Public Ministry and the Judiciary, independent Condition Powers and institutions within this Central American country.

From That perspective, he suggested that anybody could see”who’s who”, since no one linked to drug trafficking or intimidated by drug lords would ever fight to confiscate the assets of criminals.

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