The Benefits Of Using A Great Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney

Its certainly unfortunate that there are so many accidents on the roads resulting from motorists under the influence of liquor. This has resulted in extra efforts by law enforcement officers to remove these people from the freeway. Regrettably, in this most noble effort, some drivers are arrested who are not hardened criminals. If such a person lives in Florida they will need a Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney to represent them in this set of circumstances.

Driving under the influence, also called DUI, is well known to the general public. Special interest groups such as Mothers Against Drunk Drivers and others have continuously placed this issue before the entire nation. Any person who is arrested for a Fort Lauderdale DUI needs to contact a good attorney prior to their court date to be sure that their case is correctly presented to the court.

In Florida it is well known that a Fort Lauderdale DUI charge is a serious matter. If convicted, it will remain permanently on the motorist’s record in addition to raising rates on the car insurance policy. Sadly, this is not a small matter that goes away overnight. Having representation from a defense lawyer who is experienced with all the laws may help in changing these circumstance.

Finding the services of a defense lawyer who is knowledgeable in all the laws concerning this type of arrest is indispensable to have the opportunity of getting a dismissal. They are aware of many things that will effect the case such as illegal stop, failure to read the driver their rights, excessive force and plenty of other issues. Someone accustomed with these regulations can often induce an acquittal.

Miranda Rights are a law throughout the United States. In essence,a person being arrested must be read their rights in the arresting process. Many times an arrest has been thrown out because this regulation was not adhered to. The arresting officers must confirm that this proclamation read.

Florida statutes have one of the strongest Implied Consent Laws in the country. They state that when someone gets the right to drive a car they must, if pulled over, allow chemical or physical tests to be performed to see if they have enjoyed too much alcohol. Generally, at the roadside this is a breath test and a ‘walk’ test to determine if the person can walk in a straight line.

Sobriety checkpoints have been under a great deal of scrutiny regarding the rights of the citizens. Florida state guidelines are so stringent that it is tough for law enforcement officials to have the capacity to acquire a conviction on DUI charges obtained at these stops, although anyone who is obviously under the influence is taken off the road due to threat to other people.

Understanding the laws of Florida calls for a lot of training. Extensive studies must be made in order for someone to adequately defend someone charged with a crime. A DUI offense can seriously damage a person’s reputation and even cause future troubles with employment. A good Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney is trained, skilled and understands these laws. For a good defense it is imperative to have one of these criminal defense lawyers on the side of the accused.

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