Tiger Woods Press Conference Video: Does Anyone Care Anymore

Frankly, at this point in time, I’m pretty sick and tired of hearing about Tiger Woods. But yet again, on the day of his first real public appearance in the golf arena, there are a lot of people interested in what Mr. Woods has to say.

I say, let’s just see how well he plays golf this week. This certainly will be an interesting test, on whether or not Tiger Woods has been influenced (if at all) by all of the events that he himself has caused.

Here is some of Tiger Woods’ statement today, courtesy of Tiger Woods.com:

“TIGER WOODS: Sure. Well, today I got a chance to play with Craig there — or, sorry, Craig; Freddie, and then Jim joined us on the 13th hole, and it was just what a great day today.

Coming into today, I didn’t know what to expect with regards to the reception, and I tell you what, the galleries couldn’t be nicer. I mean, it was just incredible. The encouragement that I got, it was just — it blew me away to be honest with you, it really did. And the people here over the years, I know they are extremely respectful, but today was just something that really touched my heart pretty good.

I would also like to I guess make another little comment before we start. I know that the players over the past few months have been bombarded with questions by all of you and the public, as well, and I would like to tell all of the players, hopefully after today, after answering questions at this press conference, the players can be left alone to focus on the Masters and focus on their game, not only for this week, but going forward, as well. And certainly apologize to all of them for having to endure what they have had to endure the past few months.

A lot has happened in my life over the past five months, and I’m here at the Masters to play and compete. And just really excited about doing that. I missed the competition. I missed seeing the guys out here. A lot of my friends, I haven’t seen in a while. It was great to play golf again with Freddie and Jim, two of my best friends out here, and I played with Mark yesterday for nine holes and I’m playing with him again tomorrow, as well as Steve Stricker. So it’s been just an incredible experience so far here at the Masters. ”

The Tiger Woods press conference video has been posted here:

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