Wal-Mart is Business 2.0’s 2006 Dumbest Moments in Business Grand Prize Winner

Today, as reported on CNNMoney.com, Business 2.0 released its 7th Annual look at the dumbest moments in business from the past year and declared Wal-Mart its grand prize winner for the #1 “Dumbest Moment in Business” for 2006.

Despite spending untold millions of dollars on high priced public relations campaigns and consultants, Wal-Mart — incredibly — was not only the winner, but held six spots among the 101 dumbest moments identified by Business 2.0.

In fact, Business 2.0 singled out the “Candidate Wal-Mart campaign,” created by Leslie Dach and run by Edelman Communications, as one of the reasons Wal-Mart was so dumb. “Candidate Wal-Mart” resulted in declining same stores sales growth, the worst November/December holiday sales in 11 years, and a public image which, according to Business 2.0, rivals the popularity of Spiro Agnew (we would argue the popularity of Richard Nixon, but who wants to be a stickler about these things).

The entire article and list of Wal-Mart’s PR gaffes and Edelman foibles can be viewed at http://www.cnnmoney.com/.

Source: WakeUpWalMart.com

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