Barack Obama Supporters Launch Online Campaign Slogan Search

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Drawing courtesy of Scan and Plan Extra website

After his primary win in South Carolina, Obama supporters are saying, come Super Tuesday we will “Barack and Roll!”

Senator Barack Obama‘s fans are mobilizing an online campaign to boost his presidential bid, as Democrats are confident that in February he will win most of the state primary contests. To add to the South Carolina momentum,, a new website, is accepting new, fresh, and clever “Obama 2008” slogans with big hopes of inspiring the nation and even the candidate himself.

It’s not surprising that Barack Obama‘s unique name lends itself to puns and rhymes that catch our eye. Phrases like the new website’s name ‘Barack and Roll,’ or ‘Obama-rama,’ and ‘Barack the Casbah,’ are just a few that may already be on the list. But which slogan can captivate a nation’s excitement for this presidential candidate? If we knew that answer, we’d bet on “Barack to the future.”’s nation-wide Obama campaign search will accept slogans by email, until February 6, 2008, and allow the public to choose a winner. The top three slogans will win customized apparel and be posted to the website for a public vote. The winning slogan will then be submitted to Obama campaign officials for consideration.

Got any ideas?

Submit your slogans of ten words or less by visiting: or email your ideas to: [email protected]

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