Survey: Registered Voters are Much More Likely to Find Love

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“Every Single Vote,” a 10-month campaign to get out the single vote for this year’s presidential election, was just launched by Engage, the Internet’s first social dating community. The Engage campaign will provide voter registration resources to Engage members, and encourage all singles to let their political voices be heard, as approximately half of all eligible single voters did not vote in the 2004 presidential election, In addition, single voters are less likely to vote than their married counterparts,

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Engage learned that singles are four times more likely to believe they will fall in love with a registered voter versus someone who is eligible to vote but has not registered, according to a January 2008 survey of more than 900 single adults.

Trish McDermott, VP of Love(TM) at Engage, said, “Voting makes you sexier in the eye of a potential romantic partner by demonstrating you are confident, empowered and believe in your ability to influence change and make things happen.”

The Engage survey indicates 85% of all singles are open to dating someone across party lines, with Republicans being more likely than Democrats to cross the political line for romance. If the economy slips into a recession in 2008, single Democrats are more likely than single Republicans to state that their dating budget will slip into a recession, too.

Singles Play Vice Presidential Matchmaker for the Candidates

Both single Democrats and Republicans overwhelmingly agreed in the survey that a great president/vice president team requires chemistry. Singles were asked to match leading candidates, assuming they were to get their party’s nomination, with the vice presidential running mate with whom they would have the best chemistry:

*** President Clinton with Vice President Edwards,

*** President Edwards with Vice President Clinton,

*** President Guiliani with Vice President McCain,

*** President Huckabee with Vice President McCain,

*** President McCain with Vice President Guiliani,

*** President Obama with Vice President Edwards or Clinton (a two-way tie), and

*** President Romney with Vice President Guiliani, Huckabee or McCain
(a three-way tie)

On the Lighter Side: the Party Attraction Factor

Both single Democrats and Republicans say they are most attracted to a potential romantic partner who is honest. Single Democrats are more likely than Republicans to be attracted to someone who is sexy, while single Republicans are more likely than Democrats to be attracted to someone who is good looking.

Single Democrats, Independents, Libertarians and Greens believe Clinton is the sexiest candidate, while single Republicans believe Romney is the sexiest candidate. Single men were most likely to say they would like to see Clinton naked, and were least likely to say they want to see McCain and Huckabee naked. Single women most want to see Obama naked, and were least likely to say they want to see Paul naked. Single men think Clinton will be the best kisser of the candidates, while single women prefer Obama. Thirty-eight percent of all singles surveyed said their vote is influenced by a candidate’s appearance.

The Serious Issues

Singles are most likely to say the economy will be the important issue influencing their presidential choice, followed by the war in Iraq, and then healthcare. Single Democrats cite the war in Iraq as their top issue, while single Republicans will cast their vote with the economy foremost on their mind. Regardless of for whom they plan to vote, Engage is encouraging all singles to vote, as it’s good for their love life, and good for our American way of life.

Engage will continue to survey singles about the upcoming presidential election, and will provide voter registration information in marketing messages and events around the country to singles during the next ten months.

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Voter Registration Information

To learn about the 2008 U.S. Presidential Primary Election’s voter registration deadline for your state and other election rules for your state, please visit the League of Women Voter’s Election Information website:

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