Logins are More Secure with Typing Rhythm Recognition

ID Control BV is trying to fight online identity theft and fraud with a user’s unique and characteristic typing behavior pattern recognition. When you type, there is a distinct rhythm used by each unique user. By combining the identification of this rhythm with other security tactics, a program is able to determine a user’s identity, making the login process more secure.

KeystrokeID is based on the recognition of a person’s typing rhythm during logon based on only filling out the username and password in the blank fields. This biometric authentication technique based on typing behavior analysis and recognition refers to the term Keystroke Dynamics. KeystrokeID is recording, analyzing and recognizing all the unique keystroke behavior of a user’s login credentials (username and password) before granting access.

Keystroke Dynamics is measured through ‘dwell time’ (the time a key is pressed), and the ‘flight time’ (the time between “key down” and the next “key down” and the time between “key up” and the next “key up”). When the typing behavior of the user is recorded, it’s being compared to an algorithm with the unique keystroke behavior of a previous session. The result of this comparison is the score, which, when high enough, leads to positive identification or verification of the user. KeystrokeID delivers strong authentication protection against online fraud and theft for access to networks and web based applications.

Hans Kortekaas, CEO of ID Control, indicates that since KeystrokeID requires no hardware for strong authentication to web based applications and networks, the costs for distribution, support and purchase become tremendously lower. He explains that users won’t even notice the difference since the same keyboard and logon process as before are used for authentication.

KeystrokeID is an affordable and user-friendly biometric authentication technique that is already available for online applications, web based email and other services. In high contrast to physical biometrics, such as the fingerprint and iris scan, KeystrokeID minimizes the impact on the user’s privacy and is very easy to enroll. With KeystrokeID it’s only you who can claim and prove to be you by the way you type to logon to networks, web based applications and server based computing.

ID Control BV, www.idcontrol.nl, based in The Netherlands, offers cutting edge authentication solutions with mobile (OTP) authentication named “Handy ID” and the multifunctional USB Token with different security modules such as hard disk and file encryption, VPN and network authentication, PKI and password management. Organizations that use different authentication methods and tokens for different users, accounts, systems, applications and/or services can centrally and integrally manage all kinds with the ID Control Server.

For additional information, registrations and questions you can contact Larissa Wijker on phone number +31-888-SECURE (732873)!

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