37GAMES’ Puzzles & Survival is Trending

In the first few weeks of 2021, the internet, especially the mobile game community, saw the rise of Puzzles & Survival, a trending mobile game released by 37GAMES.

Numerous gaming YouTubers have been recommending this zombie apocalypse-themed mobile game. And players worldwide have been playing it, according to the App Store and Google Play download rankings. 37GAMES’ latest product found a critical and commercial success thanks to its unique, innovative combination of puzzle gameplay and strategy wargame elements.

Judging by the game’s name, one might come to the conclusion that it’s either another Candy Crush clone or a horror survival shooter. But according to the said YouTubers’ hands-on impressions, it’s none of those. It’s something new.

Puzzles & Survival mixes Match-3 with Strategy gameplay. This is something the video game industry has rarely seen. And the combination is surprisingly good!

The turn-based match-3 gameplay is intuitive and addictive. Players match tiles to deal damage to the zombies (and other players too). Those who are good at puzzle games will surely know how to pull off massive combos to defeat strong opponents in a jiffy.

Matching tiles also accumulate heroes’ skill gauge. When the gauge is full, the player can cast the hero’s awesome, powerful skill on the enemy. There are various types of hero skills: Damage, Buff, Debuff, Damage Over Time, etc. They no doubt deepen the match-3 puzzle mechanic. And the special effects look cool on a mobile phone!

Similar to other strategy wargames, players will need allies to survive in the world of Puzzles & Survival. The resources obtained from the match-3 gameplay will help upgrade heroes and in turn power up the sanctuary and alliance. Which heroes should be your main? This question requires some strategic thinking!

And players all around the world seem to love the game too! The hero roster in this game is nothing short of diversity. There are heroes from all kinds of backgrounds and races. There’s this badass looking Japanese school girl wielding two swords against zombies. A fearsome dude named Dr. J who looks a bit like a certain world-famous jester. And there are more. Perhaps that’s why shortly after its official release, Puzzles & Survival became one of the top 50 games on the App Store and Google Play download rankings in regions including the US, UK, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and numerous European countries.

By combining match-3 puzzle and strategy gameplay, Puzzles & Survival indeed managed to stand out amongst all the zombie apocalypse-themed video games! Guess it’s never too late to join the fray with all the YouTubers and players!

Download Now For Free: https://pse.is/3b4wqq

Official Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/PnS.37Games/

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