Executive Service Corps 2021 Nonprofit Advisory Council

The ESC Nonprofit Advisory Council provides guidance to ESC on: free professional education and resources ESC should provide to our nonprofit community (execservicecorps.org/training), consultant and executive coach recruitment, screening, and retention practices (execservicecorps.org/join), services ESC should and shouldn’t provide (execservicecorps.org/services), quality assurance efforts on ESC’s services (execservicecorps.org/feedback), and opportunities for ESC partnerships to better serve our community. Both ESC and our community thank these civic leaders for their service.

2021 Nonprofit Advisory Council

Donald J. Dew, MSW, President & CEO, Habilitative Systems
Dr. Pat W. Mosena, PhD, President & CEO, Options for Youth
Nissa Rhee, MA, Executive Director, Borderless Magazine
Pierre Lockett, Executive Director & Founder, Forward Momentum Chicago
Nancy Sawle Knobloch, Executive Director, Family Service of Lake County
Sejal Shah-Myers, MNA, Executive Director, Springboard Foundation
Emily Raming, Executive Director, TotalLink2 Community
Dan Hostetler, MNM, Executive Director, Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center
Kia S. Smith, MFA, Executive Artistic Director, South Chicago Dance Theatre
Mike Bertrand, LCSW, President and CEO, Lutheran Child and Family Services
Rachelle Jervis, MBA, President and CEO, Executive Service Corps
Kenneth Hobby, MBA, President, Cure SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy)
Annie Palomino, MA, Executive Director, BandWith Chicago
Cathy Russell, Chief Executive Officer, Boys and Girls Club of Elgin
Fernando Diaz, Co-Founder, The Chicago Standard

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