IFCJ Canada helps Israeli youth to attend summer camp

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews of Canada has doubled their support of Summer Camps Israel by contributing over 600,000 Canadian dollars towards scholarships this summer. The scholarships are for youth aged 10-18, who otherwise would not be able to enroll in summer camps without financial aid or subsidies. This initiative is designed to give these youths the opportunity to participate in 40 summer camps that are diverse across Canada.

IFCJ Canada, with the help of additional funding provided by the Morris and Rosalind Goodman Family Foundation in Canada, has increased its support to the Summer Camps Israel “Matan” program. The increased contribution will allow 1,000 Israeli children and teenagers from families with limited resources to benefit from the valuable experience of Summer Camps Israel “Matan”.

The programs include camps where children at risk and children with special needs are integrated, a camp which brings together religious and secular youth to volunteer, and another that encourages youth of all religions – Muslims Jews Christians and others – to work together for the community. All camps that include accommodation for ten days or more are “phone-free”, allowing children to interact and learn more easily and naturally.

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews of Canada was founded in 2003 with the goal of promoting better understanding and cooperation among Christians and Jews and building broad support for Israel. IFCJ Canada, a registered Canadian charity, is governed by a Board of Directors independent of the President and is led by Yael Eckstein. IFCJ Canada, which has been in existence for over 20 years, works with a worldwide network of Fellowship offices, including those located in the United States and Israel. The Fellowship today is one of Israel’s largest humanitarian aid providers and a major force in helping Jews worldwide. For more information, visit www.ifcj.ca.

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