PMR Law Settles Lawsuit With Amazon Following Deadly Home Fire

A man’s lawyers who represented him after his mother died in a housefire have secured an Amazon settlement on his behalf. A heated pet bed that was purchased on caught alight in the victim’s home.

According to a lawsuit filed by Houston-based Paranjpe Mahadass Ruemke LLP or PMR law, Huntington resident Dion Adkins bought a heated petbed from for the mother who lived with him. The heated pet bed was used by their cats during the winter months.

The two were woken up by fire alarms one night in February of 2020. Mr. Adkins discovered that the pet bed was on fire when he went downstairs. The fire spread quickly and trapped his mother Drema in her upstairs bedroom. Mr. Adkins climbed a drainpipe to climb outside and reach the window of his mother’s room. Drema was killed by smoke inhalation, despite the efforts of her son to save her. The house was reduced into ashes.

Amazon’s site states that the heated pet bed is made by a Chinese company named “Hydogooho.” The team of trial lawyers at PMR Law discovered that the manufacturer did not exist, and there was no vetting procedure for items posted for sale on Amazon. describes the product as “safe and effective: high/low temperature control.” This ensures its safety against overheating. The temperature can be set to up to 104 degrees F. This can prevent overheating and protect your pets.

The attorneys filed suit against Amazon based on a West Virginia retailer law and obtained justice for their clients in the form a confidential settlement.

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