Study Proves that People with White Teeth Have Greater Success

whiter teeth

According to the results of a study released today, people who have whiter teeth are seen as more attractive, confident, trustworthy, and financially successful–which ultimately leads to greater success in work and in their love relationships.

The study was conducted by an independent research firm and provides new evidence that a white smile has a direct impact on successful interpersonal interactions, both socially and professionally. The study was named “The Impact of Whiter Teeth on Key First Impressions” study, was commissioned by Crest Whitestrips, and proves that whiter teeth effects how others think of you–especially when you first meet someone.

According to the study’s results, which included simulated job interviews, simulated first dates and a quantitative online survey:

— 58 percent were more likely to be hired and 53 percent received larger salary offers after they had their teeth whitened.

— People were 54 percent more attracted to the people who had their teeth whitened. Evaluators expressed a “greater interest” in continuing their interaction or “date” with someone who has had their teeth whitened.

— The majority of the study participants (65 percent) were viewed to be more professional.

— 61 percent of the study participants (61 percent) were more confident after they had their teeth whitened.

— On simulated first dates, more than half were viewed to be more outgoing (59%) after their teeth had been whitened.

Overall, it was found that people with whiter teeth have more positive attributes than individuals with stained teeth across the following variables: financial success, trustworthiness and professional success. Regardless of gender, age, income, education, employment or martial status, participants came to the same conclusion.

During the study, people were asked about the importance of personal appearance. Apparently, the majority of those asked agrees that a person’s appearance is an indication of their:

— Professional success (68%)
— Financial success (64%)
— Trustworthiness (52%)

Study One and Study Two were conducted by Kelton Research in two stages on January 11th and January 18th at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California in which different independent evaluators assessed research subjects before and after use of an at-home whitener. Guidelines were set to ensure a representative sample based on gender, age, and income.

Eighty randomly selected participants took part in this study. Each was screened to ensure that they did not have any dental work resistant to teeth whitening agents. Neither participants nor evaluators were informed about the intent of the study. Evaluators in the employment study were required to be accredited or working human resource professionals.

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